Friday, January 28, 2011

It is said '' the future belongs to the children '' and this is a truth but not an accurate truth I do not believe. The future belongs to us all, young old and in between.
I am the Elder of my family, a position one must earn across the history of it, not something you can claim by age or secure by being a demanding person that people fear to deal with but are imprisoned by blood and a sense of debt owed.
My children owe me nothing for raising them, nothing for being their Father, it was Love that led me through those days, love that said I will have my life when they are grown and gone to their own. It is love that said I would love them to be there everyday of my life. I do not love my family, I am in love with my family, leading them to their own freedom of me and the feeling I am at some level an obligation of old age.

I have not been here in a long long time writing, but - I am back. Having been lost in myself and lost in the troubles that often accompany a large family in a society more lost than I ever could be. I am here to announce that whatever detered me has been healed and what could not has been removed. I have only one out of control demon to slay and that is a part of this new determination and renewal of myself.
I am a spiritual Master of more than one craft, having dedicated my life to it since my youth and the topography of my life would not bear that out by a common look at it.
Troubles, trials, desperation and torment - and in the midst of the journey, my family came to rescue me and set me a course that has brought me to this moment and strength, power, and steeled determination.
I have been married twice and found it to be a land with borders and too small for roaming as far as my mind can see. I also do not believe in love as stated in this culture we claim as civilized. Love is like meditation, your either in that state all the time or your not. What we call love in this culture is an exchange, service for service, and does not survive past the need for the service.
My love of family does not die, it grows even beyond my own death, even beyond the death of the Universe. It is science, spirituality, and the impossible realized into life and fed by an eternal supply of life.
I am back from the dead.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bring it ~

Bring it - Bring it to me.

This is the face of the Law of Attraction. ~ Get it ?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Innocence cannot be destroyed, lost, or jaded, only hidden away.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Human Energy Make Over

Meditation ~
Human Energy Management

Meditation has been around since the first Human looked to the sky and was lost in thought, wondering what was beyond the stars.

There are also many forms and styles of it, yet it is all designed to take us to the same place - ourselves. The infamous Self - I - I AM. Yet it is a simple process with extremely profound results. What was once a mysterious practice of Monks living in temples on a mountain, is now becoming an integral part of world cultures.

In my own teachings I have dispelled with the ancient terminology’s of Sacred texts, as science has now joined in the idea that Human wholeness is a matter of honoring the Sacredness and the scientific aspects of the Human experience. Meditation is as profound to the biology of us as it is to our spiritual aspects. No longer do we view these as enemies, or even as separate. I refer to meditation more as a skill of energy management in our lives, than a spiritual practice.

So - lets skip the tour of the ancient temples in the Himalayan Mountains and see where it applies in our lives we live everyday. I am not the Dahli Lama. Although I do have a deep and sincere respect for him and his work in the world.
I had children to raise, home to maintain, jobs to work, and all the stress that went with it.

Why did I choose to meditate regularly in a day already filled? To arise early and to make sitting for twenty to thirty minutes a top priority, staying up late to study and to learn things many considered a waste of time and nonsense to the lifestyle I was living within?
The answer was simple to me, I wanted control over my life, my - Self. As I looked into the life I was dealing with, kids running around, wife flipping out from the stress of all the days demands, thinking of my jobs demands, what needed to be done around the house, “ the American dream ‘’ I was hit with an epiphany - this is insanity! That as soon as I stepped into the midst of that, the repetition of the day before would occur, as the day before that one, and the next days to come, until I burned out or died - same thing. In that epiphany I saw clearly that my day was filled to the brim with trying to meet everyone’s demands, calming out of control emotions, putting out the fires, and smoothing out the short circuiting.
The clinical definition of insanity ‘ doing the same things, the same way everyday, yet expecting a different result. ‘ Summation - DUH !!!

I surrendered in that moment - I cannot change all this - only myself. Simply put, my days were lived in reaction to all those around me, I needed to respond to my own needs, and I had no idea what they were. In all that ‘ busyness ‘ little was being accomplished. As I looked into my life I realized clearly, there was no calm there, probably never would be, I had to become the calm of response and abandon the chaos of reaction. ( re- action )
This is what I have and had in common to people that I have taught this to, they wanted escape from the chaos. Yet life is chaos, it is messy, it is emotional, and in Human Beings energies of chaos find calm and purpose, direction and refinement.
The word emotion comes from the phrase, energy in motion. Human Beings are managers of energy, great energies and powerful ones. Or they are the controlled puppets of others energies. Ponder this a moment and it becomes crystal clear to you in relation to your own lives.
But what is it exactly that binds us to those that are controlling us? Some say it is love, but the word love often masks need. Need is the seed of addiction. So what need is being served?
In my own life, it was the addiction to chaos and bedlam, even violent energy, much like the person that does not leave an abusive relationship, it is their addiction that keeps them there, no other reason. I was raised in such energy, so it was natural to seek the same in my own life. Like a baby born by a crack addict.

We live on energy, not food. Our bodies eat food and convert it to energy, what it cannot convert, it classifies as waste and dispels. So our true life sustainer is energy, not food. This is not a belief, it is science agreeing with scripture. So in my earlier referred to epiphany, I saw my addiction to the chaos I was walking into everyday. Again - DUH !

In a state of meditation you are tapped into an energy that is pure, much as when person is praying, with sincerity and love of God, asking nothing, just desiring to be in that feeling because you know intuitively that is healthy and renewing to do so.
The chaos of life is still going on outside your prayers, you just are not feeling it while in that state. This defines the term Sacred, a state of pure and renewing energy.
Meditation is the same, but more powerful in my opinion and experiences. I often say that prayer is the art of talking with God and meditation the art of listening to the answers.
Speaking from an energy perspective alone, meditation switches your diet from fast food to healthy power foods. But the results remain the same as the one of food, you are in control of whether you go home and make a healthy meal, or hit the drive through because it is easier and what you know to do. Inevitably we all choose our own health and wellbeing. But remember, no choice is also a choice.
I have taught hundreds across the decades, some stay with the healthier choices, some do not, but it is not my choice to make.

Twenty to thirty minutes a day of deep meditation gives your body the rest equivalent of eight hours of sleep physically. It is not and cannot be a substitute for sleep, but it rests your body as it did when you were an infant. It also begins to release the stress that you body has accumulated in its systems, and releases the minds tensions and confusions.
As we progress we will talk of these benefits more and in more depth. Address your concerns and experiences. I only speak from my own experiences here. I have meditated faithfully for over three decades. Over time I learned to remain in the state as I live my life daily. I do not sit in meditation as I did in the beginning. Human Beings operate best in motion, we are deigned for it. Yet meditation remains the base program for all other forms of enhancement we see today. It is the foundational practice for health related issues and emotional ones as well.
The Secret and Law of Attraction all recommend it as a base practice to achieve the state to operate these new mind sciences that are appearing because it creates the optimum state of mind from which to focus.
The ability’s and potentials of the Human mind are just beginning to be understood and utilized. Ancient texts from all religions and spiritual minds state that the inner world of a Human Being is a universe unto itself, and this is quite true. It is filled with the same wonders and awe inspiring landscapes as the one we are discovering thanks to new sciences and technologies.
Yet such an ancient process as meditation is amazingly simplest and direct way to access this inner world. So take your first ride into that Universe, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Darrell Borza